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We improve medical visits to take them to the next level using Generative AI, improve the relationship with your patients, save time and avoid possible errors. We want to help you and make you forget the administrative tasks that are not a plus in the care of your patients.

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Main features


Listen to

The application captures your conversation accurately in real time.



Converts words into editable text so you never lose detail.



Get the most important aspects of the conversation in a concise summary.


Extracts key points

Identifies and saves the most relevant points for easy access.



Saves the summarized conversation in the patient's medical record.



Send your patient a summary of the conversation so that nothing is forgotten.


We can integrate Listen.Doctor into your practice without the need to install anything.

We also offer you the possibility to use our API to integrate it into your systems.

We can add tags to your conversations so that your center can exploit the information generated

Our system works in 8 languages.

No matter the specialty, our AI system will activate your specialized model based on the conversation.



"For years in the Diabetes Unit of the Hospital del Mar we have been committed to the use of new technologies that allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of care for our patients. We have a long experience of using the SocialDiabetes platform for the follow-up of patients with diabetes mellitus because it offers us different tools to achieve our goals. promises to be a new breakthrough by saving visit time spent transcribing information and ensuring that the patient has a written record of our instructions. In this way we minimize the possibility of errors in communication and dedicate more consultation time to what is really important."

Doctora Juana A Flores Le Roux
Head of Endocrinology and Nutrition Service
Associate Professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra

"The research group I lead at Getafe Hospital has been working for years on the usefulness of new technologies and innovation in clinical management, with special emphasis on the elderly population at risk of developing disability. In geriatric care, doctor-patient communication, trust building, empathy, and continuity of care to non-clinical settings, such as the patient's home, are more important than in any other context. Ensuring as clinicians that the patient and their companions understand the messages is of the utmost importance. With Listen.Doctor we hope to improve that care by focusing on the conversation and saving transcription time."

Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas
Head of Geriatrics Service
Getafe University Hospital

Who we are?

We are patients working for patients, we are patients working for healthcare professionals. We aim to transform conversations into valuable knowledge. We are dedicated to improving communication between healthcare professionals and their patients, ensuring that every important detail is preserved and effectively integrated. At Listen.Doctor, every conversation is an opportunity to enrich medical care through innovation and technological precision.

Our journey began in 2012 when we launched one of the most successful diabetes management apps. Building on that success, we developed the market's most effective real-time remote monitoring platform to aid healthcare professionals. As an ISO 13485 certified company and manufacturers of Class II B CE-marked medical devices, we ensure the utmost safety and confidence in using our products.

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